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Broken pages (files) sorting inside cbz

In my cbz there are pages from 1 to 130. After page 10 instead of page 11 Sumatra jumps to page 100. Then after page 110 it jumps back to page 11. And so on. Please fix it. Version: 3.1.2.
Sumatra fan on April 12, 2017
Well, just another test: first 10 pages were named as 01,02,... Renamed 'em to 1,2,... and now Sumatra reads cbz like this: 1,10,100 and everything is messed up, like page 2 is now 43! O_o
Sumatra fan on April 12, 2017
its obvious the sorted page numbers by default are expected to be valid for range e.g.

001 002 .....010 011.....099 100 101

Many file splitters / combiners such as Adobe pdf extraction work on the principle of leading zeros

Unsure without delving into code if its windows / sumatrapdf or one of its components that is defaulting to the older DOS way of sorting as 1 10 100 101 ... 109 11 110 etc.
Kieran on April 13, 2017
Can you post a sample of the actual file names inside the .cbz file?

The problem here is that there are various ways to sort the names and a heuristic that works for one case might not work for another.
Krzysztof Kowalczyk on April 13, 2017

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