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Searching multiple pages

Hi Sumatra,

I just started using Sumatra as a default pdf viewer on windows and am excited to begin using it with python and latex. I noticed that in the program with this file:

open I could not search for text on more than one page at a time. For instance, the .pdf file is full of examples of the word 'error', but whenever I search for it I only get results for the current page.

Why is this? I would have expected to be able to search the whole document.

How can I search through multiple pages in a .pdf book for a word?
Dawson on April 7, 2017
Hi Dawson

It depends how the PDF was crafted

in the case you have given, MOST pages are simply embedded as images
however ONLY the first couple of pages & Page 112 & page 253
have embedded text (OCR)

naturaly any search tool without using OCR can only find words on those pages such thus "error" is only found on page 253
Kieran on April 8, 2017

Thanks for the explanation!
Dawson on April 10, 2017
How can you tell which pages are OCR'd and which are not?
Dawson on April 10, 2017
Seems obvious that if you can't select the text then it's an embedded image that you cannot search in.
Peter on April 10, 2017

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