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Previews of Pdf,epub,djvu in Windows XP SP3?

Is that possible?
Marlon on February 23, 2017
we,,I will answer myself: NO, it is not possible to see previews of this files in XPSp3. Why? if Acrobat reader can do it? Why Adobe company does not take into account that XP is a dead OS for previewing files, and Sumatra developers do?
Marlon on February 26, 2017
yes it is
but until we get new icons the previews for epub/mobi/cbz...
are disabled and you'd have to build it your self from zeniko's git
and enable the extra handler's in the makefile

as it got broken in Krzysztof's git and he hasn't got around to fixing it
*$* on March 18, 2017

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