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Linux Port?

I would love a Linux port of SumatraPDF. I think that should be possible because Sumatra is based on MuPDF. What do you guys think?
SumatraPDF is the only PDF reader I know with a *really* good SyncTEX implementation. In Linux, there are no good solutions for SyncTEX. At work I use Windows, where I can use Sumatra, but at home I don't have Windows, so a PDF reader with SyncTEX would be great - and Sumatra is definitely the best one :-)

(Please, don't suggerst Wine!!)
Bert on February 12, 2017
Anyone is free to port Sumatra to Linux but personally I don't have plans to do that. See
Krzysztof Kowalczyk on February 12, 2017

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