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Is it possible to change font displayed in a chm file in Simatra

I would like to change the default font in a help file (chm).

Is it possible to change the font, a setting in the settings configuration text file? Or by any other means (external tools)?

Thank you
LeopoldBloom on January 27, 2017
Unfortunately not. CHM files are basically HTML pages and underlying technology doesn't make it easy to change a font.
Krzysztof Kowalczyk on January 28, 2017
you could try and use the pdfUI for chm
in the advanced settings file set

ChmUI [
UseFixedPageUI = true

I think this uses the ebookUI (I might be wrong) font and that can be changed in the same file

EbookUI [
FontName = Georgia
FontSize = 12.5
TextColor = #5f4b32
BackgroundColor = #fbf0d9
UseFixedPageUI = true

in this case the chm will look like a simple pdf a lot of it's html features will be gone
*-* on January 28, 2017
if you want to edit the chm file try Microsoft HTML Help compiler
*-* on January 28, 2017

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