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Sumatra PDF Reader forum

Small, fast, free PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CHM, DJVU, CBR, CBZ reader for Windows

Users beware a new SumatraPDF croock is selling it for $(€)49.99

I was browsing the net when I came across this app
I decided to try it out and while it does have a rewritten UI
it's a complete sumatrapdf ripoff
in their EULA they admit using sumatra code and the gpl but they do not provide any source of their app nor is their app gpl 3.0 as it must be
this is their license which is in violation of the gpl
they sell that sumatra ripoff for $50 (they even sell family licenses)

I know Krzysztof doesn't have the time or money to go after all the sumatrapdf crooks but maybe he can send Artifex (the mupdf owners) after them as they have sued license abusers before (mupdf is dual licensed)
Artifex makes money from licensing mupdf but even Artifex can't sell sumatra code while mupdf is dual licensed sumatra is not
( on January 24, 2017

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