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Saving Sessions of Open PDFs

I am really grateful to the developers for this amazing pdf reader. But I am wondering about an option which would make the experience more wonderful. I usually open several PDFs at a time of certain topic. Then I might several other PDFS at the same time for another topic. So, when I want to open those PDFs, I have to select all those PDFs to open.

I am wondering whether we can save a session open PDFs. So later on, if we want to open all the PDFs by loading that session, hardship to find every PDFs for a certain topic can be reduced. I think this feature can be included in the app.

Sheikh Ahmad Shah on January 24, 2017
There are a couple of ways you can set up your desired workflow

1) you could have several copies of Sumatra
say one for financial statements
and one for fiction
and etc. etc.

2) if the pdf names are always similar names you could have seperate shortcuts that open different groups of files

3) If the file names are fixed but contents simply updated
you could set up "favourites" such as item1A.pdf item 1B.pdf item1C.pdf and another set as item2A.pdf item2B.pdf item3C.pdf

4) you could keep each group of files in seperate sub-folders and use sumatraPDF to browse a given folder at a time

it help us to advise if we know type of naming you encounter, quantities involved and how they vary
Kieran on January 24, 2017
Thank you for this simple yet great product.

I landed here looking for help on the same feature that Sheikh Ahmad Shah is talking about.

Thank you for the alternatives you have mentioned, however a built-in option like "Save Workspace" and "Open Workspace" very similar to what IDE's or text editors have, would make it great. All related PDFs, epubs etc that need to be opened in one go can be saved in as a workspace.
Ram on March 19, 2017

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