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-save-to-txt as a command line option?

My suggestion is to add -save-to-txt command line option.
There is no good and free pdf to txt converter and Sumatra may took this place.
sylur on January 18, 2017
no need as there are a ton of good open source command line tools one is pdftotext packaged by the xpdf devs
another is to use ghostscript and -sDEVICE=txtwrite
*-* on January 20, 2017
forgot pdftk which is a itext based java binary compiled to native code with gcj,
you can use java to make pe files too
*-* on January 20, 2017
MuPDF has a command line tool mutool.exe, you can try something like this: mutool.exe draw -o destination.txt source.pdf
fred on January 21, 2017
Thanks for yuor responses.
I've tried mutool before, but the output format is not good for me.
I've just tested it with pdftotxt from Xpdf, with the option -table, it doing what I need.
pdftk doesn't do anything I need this time.
But, almost everything I need from SumatraPDF is already done (Save As | Text doc format). It will be enough to add command line option. It's not a big deal.
Thx again.
sylur on January 21, 2017

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