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touch commands in fullscreen

I have a windows 8 computer with touch. Touch commands are not mentioned in the manual. This is what I have discovered so far:

1. swipe left/right = next/previous page
2. two finger press = toggle Fullscreen/Normal mode
3. two finger pinch = zoom
4. press one finger and tap another finger = fit to screen
5. two finger rotate = rotate page 90 degrees
6. press and hold = right click menu
7. doubletap one finger and hold = text selection
8. single tap = next page

I love that there is support for Windows touch devices.

But 6 and 7 are buggy because 8 overrides them every time. So instead of selecting text on the page I doubletapped Sumatra instead loads the next page and begins text selection there.

I see a bug report about that here already

Are there any other touch commands that I have missed?

I also have one request related to touch.

I want to use the touch device to read documents and take notes. So I will often use the commands select text, copy, activate a text editor window, paste clipboard, activate sumatra again.

That could be simplified if Sumatra had a customizable command in the longpress/rightclick menu. The user open the advanced settings file to activate it and set any command line action. Sumatra would have a built in variable for use as command line parameter that contains the currently selected text. With such an outlet users can script the rest themselves using python or whatever tool they prefer. A similar customizable command for the toolbar would also be useful.
boon on November 30, 2013
Turns out my number 4 was not quite right. Here is how it actually works:
4. press one finger and tap another finger = toggle Fit Width/Fit Content/Fit Page

I hope 8 will be removed from Sumatra. The user can already swipe to change page. You could also let a tap to the right/left of the page (when not in full width mode) move to the text/previous page without interfering with any of the other commands.
boon on November 30, 2013
Aha! The issue I called number 8 is likely the same as in these older topics.
Disabling mouse navigation in Fullscreen mode
Possible to change mouse behavior in full screen mode?

Maybe Sumatra can mimic the way Windows 8 metro reader app handles text selection? The user doubletaps somewhere in the text. The word is highlighted and two red circle icons appear, one at the start of the highlighted text and one at the end. We can press and drag the icons to adjust the selection. A tap on the highlighted text brings up a context menu with commands.
boon on November 30, 2013
Thanks for documenting these! I was wondering about the different commands. I once got stuck in full screen mode on my tablet without a keyboard attached. Not knowing the touch command, had to reboot to get out of it.

My only suggestion around touch gestures: Make the current/next page swipes (ideally all of them) configurable. I use Sumatra to read music while singing (Sumatra is MUCH faster for scrolling around than the adobe app, and overall a much lighter and robust app). I use the single-page continuous mode. Sometimes I accidentally swipe left/right and change pages which throws me off track!
Nick I on December 21, 2013
Since my last post I have used Sumatra quite a lot on a multi touch Windows computer. It works very well. The only major drawback is the aforementioned inability to select text for copying using touch input. I wish one of the developers would comment on this. As far as I can see the functionality is already built in and the only thing missing is a way to disable the "on left click go to next page" action in fullscreen mode.
boon on January 5, 2014
I believe this has been fixed with

You can see if it works like you expect by using latest pre-release version:
Krzysztof Kowalczyk on January 9, 2014
in the latest prerelease a single press doesn't change page anymore. Good. But doublepress can now only select a single word now it appears. I can't doublepress and hold and drag to expand to selection.
boon on January 19, 2014

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