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64 Bit Vs. 32 Bit

I just read Sumatra's excuse for NOT building a 64 Bit version. What a bunch of bull! Their main excuse was that people would become "confused."

Sheesh! Give me a break! Literally THOUSANDS of programs are now written in 64-bit and when people download programs, they can READ whether it is for their 32-bit version of Windows or 64-bit versions. People do this everyday. Furthermore, 64-bit computing is more and more taking over from XP (the last 32-bit build) and even Microsoft has said that by June of this year there will be NO MORE SUPPORT for XP. Period. End of story.

I just upgraded from XP to Win7 64 bit with 32GB of DDR3 RAM and I'm extremely happy at the speed, and interface. I also have either upgraded my old software which was 32 bit to 64 bit or have replaced a few with BETTER programs which can do more and operate faster and smoother.

Bottom Line: I won't be using Sumatra even though Windows Secrets Newsletter mentioned it. If they want to stay viable... they have to eventually jump on the 64 bit bandwagon as THOUSANDS of others have. Otherwise, they will soon find themselves lost in the crumbling 32 bit framework.
Joe on April 27, 2013
There are several unofficial 64 bit builds google them, unless you have a 4+GiB pdf file there's no point in using 64bit builds!
The 64bit browser you might think?
But there is no 64bit Chrome (ask google why), there is no official 64bit Firefox, Sumatra doesn't run on ie 32 or 64, what's the point in 64 and Opera is switching to webkit so no new 64 bit Opera!
90% of users don't know what 64/32bit is.
If you know how get the code and compile a 64bit version your self.
:( on April 27, 2013
You do know that Sumatra is an Free Open Source Project developed in the what little free time the developers have, on their personal hardware, buy them a 64bit machine and license for a 64bit Windows OS and maybe they'll make one just for you.
:P on April 27, 2013
I am not a developer of Sumatra. But I do have a personal x64 build (and personalized x32) build. If you buy me a new PC with 32G DDR3, I can send you my version, or if you prefer, x64 build without code modification from official version.
tab guy on April 27, 2013
please do tell what 64 bit pdf reader are you using?
As far as I know there is no 64bit version of Adobe Reader, there is no 64bit build of Foxit Reader?
!Joe on April 27, 2013
@ !Joe

PDF-XChange has x64 version:
!Joe && !(!Joe) on April 27, 2013
But that's full of toolbars/addware/crippleware.
It has a dam ugly UI and has the creepiest icon I've ever seen.
Well good for you go and use it.
!!!Joe (! is a negation) on April 27, 2013
@ !!!Joe,

I like Sumatra. But I also like PDF-XChange. Any PDF reader/editor which support rich operations will have many icons or menu items, so don't blame it for this. And you can almost fully customize the toolbar, in particular not to show the adds.

I am not here for promoting it. I just think it is the best choice as an PDF editor, whereas Sumatra don't support edit yet.

I am not sure which version of PDF-XChange you tried before.
But the UI of the version I use is OK for me.

There are some "strong" PDF editors which have "really" terrible UI, e.g Bluebeam Revu.

Finally, I know what is a !.
!Joe && !(!Joe) && !(!!!Joe) on April 27, 2013
The main reason for having a 64-bit Sumatra build is because having Windows indexing and previews for PDFs requires either a 64-bit Sumatra dll or a bunch of messy hacks.

Since the majority of windows 7 and 8 installs are 64-bit, this means that for most people the 32-bit Sumatra is missing some vital features.
Dan on April 29, 2013
There is a 64 bit SumatraPDF
The main reason the devs haven't published it is they probobly don't have a test 64 bit system, they probobly develop on an older dedicated machine if you guys need a 64 bit build so much donate 2 new 64bit Win8 machines (there are 2 main active developers)
How to get 64 bit sumatra?
1. Get it from xhmikosr (He's another well known open source developer but he mostly works on mpc-hc and ffdshow-tryoits)
2. Get it from paehl he's a delphi dev (I use his pdftk gui app) but compiles some open source applications
3. Build it your self
Get and install Microsoft Visual Studio Express and Microsoft Windows SDK (They're free)
Get Python 2.7 from
Get the Sumatra code from
or the latest svn from
and compile the 64bit version
another Sumatra user on May 1, 2013
I know a lot of people are looking for the stable 2.2.1 64 bit version here's a build from paehl
you can find that link here
btw you can have both 32 and 64 bit versions so you can use the 32bit with FireFox or Chrome and 64 with the 64bit version of Explorer
another Sumatra user on May 1, 2013
I, as many other people do, run an "unofficial" 64-bit build of Sumatra someone else made based on Sumatra's source code, and it runs much faster on my computer than the official 32-bit build. I actually had a need for more speed in loading graphics-rich PDFs and CBRs and the 64-bit Sumatra satisfied my need for speed. I can't understand why the Sumatra developers don't release an official 64-bit build, or at least link to an already existing third-party 64-bit build.
Sofia Koutsouveli on March 15, 2014
Any chance someone here has a 64-bit version of SumatraPDF with the CBZ preview handler activated?
Someone on another thread was nice enough to tell me what I needed, but I downloaded all the tools and I still can't compile this thing right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!!
Joshua on March 30, 2014

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