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forward search fails in texlive 2011

The source file not found error appears when doing a forward search.

It was fine in 2010, but not 2011 pretest. I compared the synctex files in these two versions and found that the lines involves the tex files was changed from just the file name to the full path + file name:



All other file names (omitted) from the texmf tree are in full path + file names

I am not sure whether this is a problem of texlive or sumatra.
Wen-Fong Ke on June 21, 2011
The issue is caused by the spurious "/./" in the full paths. It would be nice if texlive could omit them (please file a bug on their end). If they don't change their behavior, we'll have to fix our own synctex implementation to explicitly handle this case.
zeniko on June 21, 2011
Thanks. I will fill a request there.
Wen-Fong Ke on June 22, 2011
Hi, Here is the reply from texlive.

Could you help?

Best regards,


In TL2011, file names in foo.synctex.gz are always
given with full path.
/foo/bar/./abc.tex is a right name.
Please ask SMATRA PDF people to support the synctex in TL2011.

Best regards,
Wen-Fong Ke on June 22, 2011
Starting with prerelease version 1.7.3952, SumatraPDF should once again handle TeXlive's synctex file format as expected. You should soon find such a prerelease build at
zeniko on June 22, 2011
Great! Thank you very much.
Wen-Fong Ke on June 22, 2011

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