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Sumatra PDF possible in a kiosk mode

Currently I'm setting up a kiosk which uses Windows 7 and IE 9. The only additional apps I need installed is an antivurus app and a PDF reader application. Most keyboard shortcuts will be disabled as well as some mouse functions.

I'm currently testing Acrobat Reader X, FoxIT, and Sumatra PDF viewer. Which application I settle on only depends on which application meets my needs.

The kiosk opens to a static default web page. Only certain web pages will be allowed to be opened. A few of the web pages will have links for PDF documents.

I'm looking for a PDF reader that will:
1. Open the pdf document in the current web page or a new tab. Not another new window.

2. I don't want menu options available. I only want the user to scroll the existing document as a full width page, and close the document page/tab. The user will not be saving anything to the local PC, nor will they be printing from the PC.

3. I don't want a prompt window to open asking me if I want to open or save the PDF document (Sumartra PDF is doing this), I just want the document to open in the PDF viewer when I click on the link.

Can Sumatra PDF viewer be configured to meet these requirements? If so, how?
Roger Sellers on October 31, 2011
Most of what you want is possible with SumatraPDF with the one big exception that you'd have to use a browser different to IE (we currently only support Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari for Windows and any other NPAPI compatible browser): Please see for how SumatraPDF's functionality could be locked down.
zeniko on October 31, 2011

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