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r3116 ... what happened to inverse search?


I downloaded the r3116 snapshot (previously I had r2938) and double clicking in the page now just selects text instead of doing inverse search like it used to ... what am I missing?

p.s. I did notice the version increase
Bogdan on March 25, 2011
We have disabled all LaTeX enhancements until SumatraPDF encounters its first synctex file. Due to a typo, this enabling fails. This will be fixed in the next prerelease build. Until that's released, please try running SumatraPDF.exe once again with the -inverse-search command line argument (that will also expose one additional option in the Options dialog to configure your preferred LaTeX editor). Thanks for the report, BTW.
zeniko on March 25, 2011
Thanks, zeniko.

Adding -inverse-search to the command line apparently causes sumatrapdf to try and open the document called "-inverse-search", i.e. it opens a new sumatrapdf window titles "-inverse-search" and says "Error loading PDF file".

(the above is with r3126)

Bogdan on March 26, 2011
sorry, i meant r3121
Bogdan on March 26, 2011
Ah, the -inverse-search command line argument must be followed by the command to be used for inverse searching. In the meantime, an updated prerelease build has become available that should contain the above mentioned fix, though, so if you update to prerelease version 1.5.3121, loading any document for which a corresponding synctex file is available should enable the TeX enhancements such as the inverse search.
zeniko on March 26, 2011
I came back to post that I discovered just that but you beat me to it :)

So r3121 works fine without -inverse-search (as long as the prefs dat file is correctly set, of course).

Thanks again.
Bogdan on March 26, 2011

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